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June 20th

Wedding Gifts With Style: The Do’s and Don’ts

Summer is traditionally wedding season and we always get asked about good décor gifts for the happy couple. These days a lot of people are a little older and more established when they get married – or maybe they are celebrating second marriages – so they have their own homes and don’t need the usual “starter” gifts like toasters and towels.

It’s always nice to give something people can use in their homes but I caution you to be absolutely sure you know their style and taste. I never buy a décor item as a gift unless I’ve actually been in the person’s house to see what she likes. After all, a gorgeous Asian vase is not likely to work with a recipient’s Tuscan-themed home.

For a more casual wedding, an appropriate and thoughtful gift that goes with any design is a potted plant. I’m not talking about a boring green plant, of course, but something more creative such as a hardy hoya (below) that requires little care or water but blossoms and grows for years. Replant it in a chic neutral container with a bow. The great thing about the hoya or a similar plant is it can be placed anywhere, even a bookshelf, so the newlyweds have flexibility in where they put it.

If you know the color scheme of the couple’s house (ask around to find out) you can buy a luxurious throw to accent their décor. For a more personal gift, have their wedding invitation framed to hang on a wall.

Wine drinkers always appreciate bottles from boutique wineries paired with wine accessories such as artful decanters – some are so dramatic they’re worthy of display – and whimsical wine corks.

Perhaps the best gift of all is one we don’t like to give but love to receive: a home décor or home improvement gift card. Make yours special by tucking in a note with an offer to go along and help select the purchase.

The biggest no-no in décor gift giving is assuming you know what the person wants or needs, which reflects poorly on you. Instead, make sure your gift is something they will actually appreciate or use – not a pricey crystal picture frame that will spend its life on a garage shelf.

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