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May 15th

Color Boards

If you’ve decided on a theme or a particular look but just don’t know quite how to make it come alive, try creating a color board. It’s really easy. You start by gathering anything that catches your eye.  These can include magazine cutouts, fabric and floor samples and paint chips. Make sure to look at everything in a different light and at different times of the day. Some colors can look dramatically different throughout the day. 

The internet is also a great place to find and print out  color images of furniture, artwork and accessories. Try to stick to the items that reflect the theme you’re already leaning toward. Pay attention to textures, finishes and intricate details as those will play a significant role in the finished design. Once you’ve gathered your pieces, attach them to ribbon board or piece of foam core board (available at art supply stores). Keep it somewhere where you’ll see it everyday and add or remove pieces as the spirit moves you. Live with this board until you’re ready to start shopping and carry it with you when you do. This will aid you in making both color, and design choices as you’re shopping for your new look.