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May 15th

Patio designs

Different Patio Design Ideas:

There are no steadfast rules to follow when it comes to the type of outdoor patio design you can have. Many people consider their patio to be an extension of  their home and try to keep similar themes both inside and outside the house. Listed below are some of the more commong types of patio plans: 

Open Patios — Open patios are a sun worshiper’s dream. They are designed to take in the maximum amount of sunlight and air because they are built with the fewest obstructions. That means your patio area is often free from things that create shadows such as overhangs and large trees.

Patio Room — Patio rooms are better known as sunrooms. These types of patios can be used all year long because you don’t have to go outside to enjoy the sun.

Covered Patio —  A covered patio is very similar to a porch, apart from the fact that a patio’s flooring is normally masonry that is laid directly onto grade. Covered patios are often built next to a home, where extended eaves, shade or overhang protects it from weather related issues. Sometimes a part of the patio base stretches from beyond its coverage so that a portion of the patio can access the sun fully. You can add a patio screen to the patio to keep out bugs, too. But covered patios aren’t typically used all year long.

Poolside Patio — Poolside patios are like having a resort in your very own backyard. They have open areas for catching the sun after a dip in the pool and plenty of waterproof and slip-resistant surfaces for safety.

Retreat Patios — Retreat (aka getaway) patios are usually small, intimate outdoor spaces that offer the best privacy. They are normally nestled in a thick enclave of trees and other shrubbery located away from the house. Often your secret getaway patio spot is connected to your home by a little path. Retreat patios can be open-air or have a sheltered roof.

Entry Patios — Entry patios are built at the front of your home. Entry patios are open spaces with wide, paved areas that are great places to relax, visit with neighbors, and for displaying built-in planters and causal patio furniture.