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December 6th

Family Home Office Ideas: Decor & Design Tips

Storage is important in a family home office where multiple people will be using computers and supplies.

For families with kids, the kitchen can become a catch-all place — meals, homework, crafts, games, you name it. Not only does that create a lot of clutter, it doesn’t allow anyone to focus, especially when you are trying to cook, one kid is bouncing a ball and another is attempting to study math.

That’s why a lot of our clients are turning to the family home office concept. While many homes include an office for adults, few have a dedicated place for family workspace. But family home offices are easy to create — here are a few tips.

* Select a place in your home that is at least partially closed off from the rest of the hubbub. An extra bedroom is perfect.

* Think about how many workspaces you will need for everyone. A corner desk allows you to add two smaller desks to either side of it, for example, accommodating three people at once.

* In addition to desk chairs, include comfortable seating such as a chair or small sofa where the kids can read while you’re checking email or where you can curl up while overseeing their homework.

A comfy chair and plenty of light make this a welcoming family office.

* Since this is a space where you are likely to plan family events, menus and other activities, add a bulletin board and a large calendar. White boards are also handy for you and the kids to write messages and reminders.

* Store markers, pens and pencils in colorful jars. A plastic caddy can hold scissors, tape and glue. Look for cute yet functional storage pieces to give the room energy.

* If your space is large enough, add bookcases and a project table with child-height stools.

* Include a few green plants for a touch of the outdoors.

The best office is a warm and inviting place that provides a terrific work environment. When you create a family home office in a designated space, your kitchen will re-gain its original purpose, and you will feel more organized. My family loves our office — I’m sure yours will too.

Please contact us at Tracy Lynn Studio if we can help with providing a family office of for any of your home design needs.