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September 21st

Music Room Ideas: Create Your Own Music Room

Not all music rooms have to be padded studios — this elegant room is a comfortable place to enjoy music.

Not all music rooms have to be padded studios — this elegant room is a comfortable place to enjoy music.

One of the many reasons to hire an interior designer is when you are doing a specialty room that might have you a bit challenged such as a home music room. We are always up for a good challenge at Tracy Lynn Studio!

For example, we’ve recently been asked to design music rooms for clients who want to be able to play instruments and not disturb others in their home. So the first step in that process is clearly establishing soundproofing. Depending on budget, that could mean padding the walls and covering them with black leather or fabric, or we’ve also used 36” x 36” black foam squares that thickened the walls and kept the sound in the room. The more the walls can flex (rather than a hard surface), the more they will absorb sound. If the music room will include percussion, a glass wall in front of the drum set will bounce noise back, also reducing sound.

Mobile amplifiers can create clutter. So we install these on the ceiling — that way the musician can just plug in when it’s time to play. Similarly, microphones can be dangled from the ceiling to leave more floor space.

A musician’s room should be inspiring. One of our favorite sources for wall art is framed vinyl albums or album covers. (Tip: Urban Outfitters has a perfect frame for this!) Instruments — whether usable or just for decoration — are an obvious way to add colorful interest to studio walls.

Furniture in your music room depends on how it will be used. Instrumentalists sometimes need straight-back chairs, but singers can relax on a comfy sofa. A variety of seating will help meet each performer’s requirements. Soft draperies and upholstery will also serve as sound absorbers.

Would you like to explore adding a music room to your home? Please contact our San Diego interior design firm for a complimentary consultation on music room ideas or for any of your design or remodeling needs.