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September 28th

Choosing The Right Carpet to Really Floor You

Carpet is comforting in a bedroom, where a neutral shade allows for design changes and avoids fading.

Carpet is comforting in a bedroom, where a neutral shade allows for design changes and avoids fading.

With so many options in hard flooring these days, it’s easy to forget how luxurious carpet can be in your home. When you choose the right carpet, you add warmth and comfort, and sometimes even a design element, to a room. Here are carpet selection tips on choosing the right carpet for your needs.

• A top concern for most people wanting carpet is stain resistance, whether you have small children, pets, or friends who are apt to spill a glass of wine at a party (or all three!). The good news is today’s technology has produced carpet that is surprisingly stain resistant, which makes cleanup easy because the carpet fibers actually repel moisture and prevent liquid absorption.

• Good quality carpet is important for durability, of course, but ask any carpet professional how to avoid stains and you will learn that the pad under the carpet is actually key. Invest in the highest quality pad in your budget and you will increase your carpet’s life exponentially because of the pad’s moisture barrier and a thickness that raises carpet fibers allows for deeper vacuuming.

Would you know these are carpet tiles? They aren't just for kids' rooms anymore!

Would you know these are carpet tiles? They aren’t just for kids’ rooms anymore!

• Carpeted stairs require special consideration. Since this tends to be a high-traffic area, your best bet is a dense, low-pile style, which won’t mat as easily and show wear. Not sure what that is? Run your fingers into and across the carpet sample — if fibers pop up, the carpet isn’t going to perform well on stairs. Also, bend the sample — if you get the “grin” effect, you know the carpet will gap instead of wrapping properly on stairs.

• If someone in your home has allergies or you simply want a more eco-friendly environment, ask about carpet adhesive with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and look for carpet made from natural materials such as sisal, organic cotton or jute. Be sure to check the carpet backing as well for the CRI label. Bonus: Carpet is actually better for allergy sufferers than hard flooring because it traps dust.

• For some spaces, carpet tiles are ideal. If you aren’t familiar with this product, it is exactly as it sounds — tiles of carpet that are glued to your floor. The spectacular aspect is you can replace just one or more tiles as needed rather than re-carpeting an entire room. And while these are terrific for kids’ spaces, they can be arranged artfully as a creative focal point in other rooms too — click here to see some samples at You can even “carpet” your garage with these!

• A few more carpet basics: carpet where you prepare food or use water (kitchens, bathrooms, etc.) is problematic — use hard flooring and colorful rugs instead; neutral carpet will allow you to redesign your room over time and hides fading; larger spaces need special consideration to avoid obvious seams since most carpet comes in 12-15-foot widths. The best way to maintain your carpet? Vacuum it at least once a week!

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