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April 11th

Create Your Ultimate Retreat with New Bedding

That luxury hotel look can be yours with a fluffy duvet, coverlet and comfy pillows.

An easy and relatively inexpensive way to freshen up your bedroom for spring is simply to switch out your bedding. As the nights get warmer, you’ll want to remove some of those heavier blankets and sheets anyway, so why not swap your dated linens for something new?

People are surprised that we rarely suggest custom bedding for our Tracy Lynn Studio clients. While I love that option because you can be very specific about what you want, and that is important in some cases, most of the time we can find gorgeous fabrics “off the rack,” saving you money and time.

That said, however, we almost never buy a matched set with duvet, sheets, shams, pillows, etc. Instead, we do a lot of mixing among different bedding lines to get a more unique look. For example, we might use a duvet with its shams but then add shams from another line and pillows and sheets from yet another, creating a custom feel.

Bedding that already has a gathered, pin-tuck effect eliminates the need for ironing.

Many clients like to go for that luxury hotel approach with fluffy layers and a folded-back duvet with a coverlet underneath. This is a super-plush style that looks and feels comfortable. Another popular bedding trend right now is pin-tuck bedding—stitched pleats—that doesn’t require a lot of ironing or maintenance because it already looks “messy.”

Surprisingly, all-white bedding is much more user-friendly than you might think. I recently added a white duvet to our master bedroom because I wanted to test the durability since a lot of clients request it. What I found is that even a splash of orange juice from one of my girls who crawls into bed with us on Saturday morning is easily bleached out, something you can’t do with colorful bedding. That duvet, which I picked up for less than $100, still looks as crisp and clean as the day I bought it.

If you’re on the market for new bedding, think of it like you would clothing. In the same way that you wouldn’t wear silk every day, you probably want to reserve those silk bedding fabrics for the seldomly used guest room. Is green-living a priority for you? Seek organic or all-cotton fabrics. Consider shopping discount stores such as HomeGoods or Tuesday Morning to find great deals on high-thread-count sheets. And then pull from various lines at your favorite home decor favorites (West Elm, Pottery Barn, local boutiques, even Target) to create the style you want. Just remember not to buy too many extras—you want your bed to be comfortable, not an overdesigned nuisance.

Our San Diego interior design services can help you select new bedding, or with any of your design and remodeling needs.