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April 18th

Stylish Seating: Creative Ways to Take a Seat

This leather chair with its lived-in look is comfortable and surprisingly durable.

The chairs in your home might seem like the simplest part of your décor, but they can actually be the star of the show.

For example, retro chairs are coming back in style. Remember the bubble chairs from the 70s? They are finding new life in mid-century modern designs and other contemporary homes. And those are stylish chairs that makes a statement, even if they’re stuck in the corner!

Of course, most houses can’t manage such a distinctive chair but that doesn’t mean your seating has to be boring. In a living room or family room, a good way to give the space a custom look is to use different arm styles and fabrics on your chairs and sofa rather than a matched set. For your sofa, for example, you might select a thicker, padded arm, while the chairs get a more elegant arm that doesn’t take up as much space.

Chairs can make their own design statement, like this gray-washed dome chair.

Nothing looks more inviting than an aged leather chair—so why not group four of them facing each other for a conversation area? Or flank either side of a living room fireplace with chairs (see photo) that might not be super comfortable like those in your family room but that really make a striking design statement. Just be careful that your chairs are proportionate to their surroundings—they should be accents, not overwhelming. If the chairs are much larger than the sofa, your room takes on an Alice in Wonderland effect.

Your home’s chairs shouldn’t be boring – they can be artistic and useful.

And don’t forget the backs of your chairs if they don’t face a wall. One of my most recent favorite custom chairs had an inside back and seat upholstered in gray velvet and the back (the exterior portion) covered in a large cherry blossom pattern. The chair was like a piece of art floating in the room, which was a dramatic space itself with a chandelier and dark wood floors. Gorgeous!

When you are buying chairs, keep their use in mind. As I said earlier, a formal living room chair doesn’t need to be as useful as a chair where you’ll be watching TV every night. Always “test drive” a chair in your home before you commit to it so you can assess it for your own personal preferences and fit.

Looking for the perfect chair? We can help you select or custom-design just the right chair for your space. Contact us!