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November 14th

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November 2008


 Tracy Lynn

Style On A Shoestring

This room was designed for two little boys in the Carlsbad area. One of the biggest challenges I faced as designer while working on this room was how to fit two different age groups into a limited area while keeping the floor plan open and flowing. I chose a neutral color for the walls and let the bedding and extras do the rest for the room. The outcome is one of my favorites. It turned the room into a casual but well organized “beach-themed” room with plenty of room for the boys to grow and change. The colors and decor scheme leave plenty of room for the two boys to grow without having to make drastic changes to the overall color and design scheme. To me this is a very successful design plan. In this economy, most people don’t have the money to remodel their children’s rooms every other year.

As the mother of two little girls, I particularly enjoy designing and decorating children’s rooms. The client obtained bedding. The accessories and wall art were purchased from various local retail stores.

I started my design company about 6 years ago in the San Diego area after friends admired what I had done to my own home. Since 2003, we’ve added 6 design consultants. My husband left his job as a financial planner a couple years ago to work part-time at Style On a Shoestring and help raise our two daughters.