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April 3rd

Dream Themed Bedroom Ideas

We love creating themed rooms! Whether it’s a sports team for a boy’s bedroom or a beach theme for a family game room, spaces that show your personality are charming and fun.

Most of our San Diego interior designers receive requests for designing themes for kids’ rooms. We’ve done a San Jose Sharks hockey bedroom in the team’s black and teal colors with locker room-style furniture, framed jerseys and LED puck lights. We’ve also designed a playroom that feels like an outdoor garden with its wooden swing, tree-like bookshelf and two-story fort. A recent favorite was a young ballerina’s bedroom – in pink and lavender, of course.

A key component to designing a themed room is a hand-painted mural. We will share a full post just on our muralist Cammy Stenavich in a few weeks. But as you can see from our ballerina’s wall art below, these painted touches add a delightful, distinctive twist to a themed room.

When we design a themed room, we keep longevity in mind. While your toddler might be way into Thomas the Train now, he will set his sights on other interests a few years from now. So rather than spend thousands of dollars on permanent décor, we use accessories to bring the theme to life. Look at this sports room, which could easily be converted to a different theme on a whim:


Or this surfing room with its breezy coastal-style furniture:


Even our ballerina’s room above can be altered simply by removing the bar and painting over the flowers to reflect its occupant’s newest passions. And that’s what a themed room is all about – offering a glimpse of what brings you pleasure while maintaining a stylish, comfortable look.

Want to create a themed room in your home? Or perhaps you need advice on a remodel. Whatever your design needs, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.