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March 29th

Hidden TV Ideas: Hide & Seek with Your TV

We’re often asked the best way to handle a flat-screen TV in room décor. While we all enjoy our TVs, we don’t necessarily want them to be the centerpiece of the space, but at the same time we want to be able to see the screen easily. Here are some ideas for accomplishing both.

If your room has a fireplace, place the TV above it to create a single focal point. Clients worry that this will be too high, but we can always add a tilt mechanism if it is. Usually we find that once it’s installed and the family gets used to the placement, it’s fine as-is.

A fun way to “use” the TV when you’re not watching a program is to program it with looping video that has ocean scenes, burning logs (if you don’t have it above a fireplace) or other relaxing images. All you need is an Internet connection to connect with your chosen videos.

Want to hide your TV even more? Check out this two-way mirror that installs over your TV. When the screen is off, the frame appears to hold funky artwork. But when the TV is on, the artwork “disappears.” Magic!

Wall cabinets are another option for storing away a TV until it’s needed. This mirrored piece looks beautiful when closed but offers quick access.

This rich wood TV cabinet would mesh well with a Spanish or Mediterranean style:

And of course you can always hide the TV in a floor-based cabinet, but that doesn’t mean bland and boring – check out this striking wood and metal creation:

If a floor cabinet works best for you, consider adding a lift mechanism that allows you to move the TV up and down from the cabinet with a remote control. We told you about hidden TV lift cabinets last year here.

Need some help figuring out how to place or hide your TV – or perhaps you have another design question? Contact our San Diego design firm for a complimentary consultation.