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November 24th

Easy Decoration Tips to Revive Your Home’s Style

Large lamps with just one or two accessories provide a less cluttered look on the end tables, while a tray on the coffee table makes for easy clearing to use the tabletop.

Do you ever walk into a room and feel like it’s tired but you’re not sure how to bring it back to life – and you don’t have the budget to do a complete overhaul? Here are some tips on easy, wallet-friendly ways to freshen your style and make that space shine.

• Select a new accent color and run with it. For example, if your family room is mostly neutral, choose a bold shade such as teal as your punch of color. Add pillows, a new throw, and perhaps some glass accessories in your chosen accent color.

• Look for other places where you can do a simple swap. Is your coffee table feeling old? Cover it with a large tray. Set a colorful pot with fresh flowers or a green plant on the tray, and maybe some coasters or books. Not only will that combination give the table a new appearance, it will allow you to pick up and move those accessories if you need to use the table surface.

• Most people under-size their table lamps. Move your small lamps to a bedroom or study and buy larger lamps. Use the lampshades to pull in your new accent color, such as a cream-colored shade with a touch of blue threaded through it.

Using accessories to add a splash of color – such as teal in this mostly neutral space – is an easy way to update a room’s look without committing to bold shades.

• Don’t overlook your fireplace mantel as a design feature. I like to go to a favorite home store such as Crate and Barrel and buy five or six different sizes of taper candles, preferably the most slender style. Then I arrange them with three of one height and two of another on either side of whatever is hanging above the mantel. Mixing the various heights makes for a less “fixed” look, and it frames the art or TV you have over your fireplace without being a distraction. This also works on a sideboard with a TV or anywhere that needs some color but not a busy effect.

• De-clutter and use fewer but larger items. Most people get the scale wrong on this — you don’t want five things on a side table with a small lamp. Instead, use a chunky lamp and perhaps a vase with a plant or flowers. Try it and you’ll see how it actually creates space.

• Don’t be afraid to use what you already have but in different places. Sometimes moving a few pictures from your office to your living room can make a big difference. Or maybe you have some pieces you’ve stored away that could replace a few things that have outworn their welcome. One of the nice aspects of moving around accessories is you can always move them back if you don’t like them!

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