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November 29th

Remodeling Do’s and Don’ts

If you’re starting a home remodel – or even thinking about it – this blog post is for you. Welcome to my list of remodeling tip do’s and don’ts for a successful remodeling project!

DO bring in a professional designer at the beginning of the project, not midway through it. Not only will you save money by spending money, your project will run more smoothly.

DO research your contractor. You get what you pay for with contractors, so if one quote is a lot less than another, there’s probably a reason for that. Only sign with bonded, licensed and insured contractors, and ask to see the paperwork that proves it.

This orange kitchen might be your dream, but not the next buyer’s. Use a neutral palette in your remodel and add pops of colors in less permanent ways.

DO get everything in writing from start to finish before signing any contracts. Make sure the contract is broken down item by item. Don’t assume you know what you are getting unless it is in writing.

DON’T start demolition until you’ve select materials and know the lead time for receiving them. If you demo your bathroom and the tub is on back order for six weeks, for example, you’re going to be living in dust for a long time.

DON’T be afraid to speak up to your designers, contractors or anyone working on your project. Our philosophy at Style on a Shoestring is you live in your home—we don’t. We will help you make the best decision based on your stated needs but be sure this is your vision as well as ours.

Good planning means your remodel will operate like clockwork rather than long waits for materials or skilled tradesmen.

DON’T get too trendy with permanent parts of your remodel. A red tile countertop is striking but if this isn’t your forever home the next buyer might not find red so appealing. Add red to your backsplash, which is easier to change than countertops.

DON’T expect more than you give. If you need extra time to make decisions on materials, for example, your original finish date will need to be pushed back as well. Allow yourself plenty of time to be comfortable with your choices, but be reasonable with your project team’s schedule too.

DO set up a temporary kitchen if you are remodeling yours. Eating out is fun at first but your family will quickly tire of burgers and pizza. You can rent a useful mobile kitchen that you can put in your garage. Also consider renting a storage pod to offload unused kitchen items rather than having to work around them for weeks or months.

DO plan to hire a professional cleaner once the project wraps. No matter how attentive your contractor is to keeping away dust and debris, it will settle throughout your house in the least expected nooks and crannies.

DO realize your project won’t go perfectly. There will be hiccups but if you trust the people with whom you’re working, the mistakes will be remedied.

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