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April 23rd

Family Picture Walls

Everyone seems to love family picture walls. They are a great way to showcase loved ones. It is important to choose the perfect place to add a family wall to your home. In some cases it may be appropriate to use a large space in a family room, when the overall feel of the space is more on the casual side.

If your home is more formal then placement of your family wall can be done in a hallway or in your home office.

Most importantly, make sure all your pictures make sense together. A great way to do this is copy them all in black and white, with large pictures (try larger than 5×7). Frame each picture in frames that either match or are similar in color/texture. Placement of your photos can depend on the wall where they will be placed. Generally, do not overwhelm your wall because it will end up feeling cluttered. Keep about 2″ border around each frame as a rule of thumb.