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June 13th

Get In On the Game

After a long summer afternoon at the pool, a quiet family activity like a game night is a fun way to end the day. Or maybe you like to mix up a pitcher of martinis and have your adult friends over for a little poker. Whatever your pleasure, you’ll find you need a sturdy table with good height to play games. Fortunately, those specialty game tables are making a comeback, and they’re not only utilitarian but stylish too.

This multi-purpose table could be used for games or as a place to enjoy breakfast on a chilly winter morning.

One of my favorite ways to design a game area is with a table surrounded by four club chairs, which provides a conversation area that can be useful even when the games are put away. Ideally, this table would offer a pop-up mechanism that allows it to be at coffee table height when not needed for gaming, but either way the set-up allows you to easily go from discussion to dice without too much moving around. And it can also be used for other family activities, such as homework or hobbies.

That said, another way to incorporate an ample game table into your room is to give it double duty as an end table. Just pull it around when you need it for play, then return it to its spot next to your sofa. Multi-purpose game tables give your room a less “set” look because you naturally will incorporate different table sizes and shapes in the space to provide interest.

Surround your table with leather club chairs for a warm, comfortable feel.

Of course, you can also use a pre-made game table that has a flippable top, often with a felt-lined interior. These are terrific because you can hide your game pieces inside and then return the table to its flat surface when you’re not using it for games.

If you don’t have room for a table, consider adding an oversized ottoman to your room. The large surface is perfect for playing games, and the cushy ottoman doubles as extra seating at other times. You can find ottomans that have removable tops to allow for extra storage inside.

If you would like assistance in selecting a game table for your home – or with any of your design needs – please contact us.