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May 30th

Laundry Room Design: Give Your Laundry Room a Lift

Easy touches like a soothing paint color, fresh flowers and a fun rug make this laundry room a more inviting space.

Most people don’t like to do laundry – and that’s exactly why you should make your laundry room a fun and inviting space! Even if you aren’t happy about washing and drying clothes, at least you will feel good about being in a room that has cute décor. Here’s how to freshen up your laundry room design.

Since the laundry room is usually separate from the rest of the house, you can go a little crazy with color in this space. How about some sunshine-y yellow walls to brighten things up? If your laundry room is well ventilated, consider a quirky wallpaper for all or some of the walls, which also becomes the room’s artwork.

You can improve your laundry room’s look with a few personal accessories like these.

You can also get creative with the light fixture in the laundry room. I’ve been working with a client who loves chandeliers, so we even put a small one in her laundry room. You might not want to get that fancy, but there are plenty of interesting and unusual light fixtures to choose from.

Look around for other ways to add some personal style to your laundry room. Perhaps you can swap out boring cabinet pulls for painted knobs. If you have a window, add a festive curtain or shutters. Instead of dull laundry soap boxes, pour the soap into vintage glass jars. A scented candle can also provide a sensory uplift.

My laundry room is spacious enough that I was able to place a small desk in there with a pretty chair and a bulletin board above it. While I’m waiting on clothes to dry, I write bills, review my kids’ homework and do other office tasks.

You might also shop for whimsical wall art that fits a laundry room (like the example at left). Even items like an antique washboard offer dimension and interest. And don’t forget the floor – since laundry rooms typically have tile or wood, a soft rug under your feet might make the clothes sorting folding just a bit easier.

If we can help you restyle your laundry room design in San Diego, or with any of your design needs, please contact us.