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December 12th

How to pick an area rug

 Rugs are a functional part of any room. They have many tasks. Protecting or hiding flaws to the existing floor, warming up the floor, creating a look and building a decorative foundation. The choices are virtually endless when it comes to selection. If you are building from the floor up — these suggestion may help you get started on how to pick out a  new rug.


• Imagine the total look of the room or space you are creating
• What will the area be used for
• Area with high traffic should have a pattern in mid to darker tones to down play traffic patterns
• A sitting area could have a lighter more fragile pattern
• Lighter rugs will increase the perceived size of the room
• Darker rugs will create a warmer, intimate decorum
• Color, style & texture of the rug will set the “personality” of the room
• Consider the existing floor & size of the area when determining the size of rug. Do you want to play down the existing floor, and then get a larger rug with an overall pattern. If you want to show off the existing floor get a smaller rug in solid or tone on tone pattern.