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December 12th

Rug patterns

Decorating with Patterns
Using area rugs can change the look of your room without overwhelming it. By using a patterned rug: you can add a whole new texture or color to your room. In addition, pattern rugs tend to blend in to the overall look of the room so you won’t draw attention away from the overall design like a solid colored rug would. This makes it easy to decorate from the floor up or match patterned carpet to existing upholstery and wall colors.
Geometric with Floral
Floral patterns provide a great contrast with geometric designs
Simple with Complete
Busy intricate patterns go nicely with less complicated designs.
Small with Large
Large patterns and small patterns go well together.
If you are beginning your decorating project from scratch; you can set the tone and design of the room by selecting a pattern carpet. Then find complimenting upholstery and wall colors by following the Opposites Attract guidelines.
If you are redecorating, take a swatch of the most visible pattern in the room to the carpet store. Using only color as a consideration, match the swatch to samples of patterned carpet. To narrow down your alternatives, use the Opposites Attract guidelines to choose the right pattern. Then simply choose your favorite.