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January 13th

Laminate Flooring

Because laminate floors are less costly than hardwood they have become quite popular. Although,  laminates don’t have the proven track record of older, natural materials,  many people swear by them. Most common is the wood-look-alike, but there are also laminates that look like marble or ceramic tiles or even terra cotta. Because of its versatility, laminate can go with just about any decor or style of home. Another reason it’s popular is because laminate can be installed by the average do-it-yourself homeowner, which obviously makes it cheaper to install than floors that require specialists. But is it right for you?  Here are some pros and cons to installing laminate flooring.

Advantages of Laminate Flooring

  • Laminate does a good job realistically portraying more expensive types of flooring materials.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • Cleaning and maintenance are low-stress.
  • There’s a good price range, so you can find a laminate to suit your budget.
  • Laminate floors work well in family rooms, children’s rooms, and hallways.

Disadvantages of Laminates

  • It lacks the warmth of natural wood.
  • The boards can warp or otherwise be damaged if exposed to moisture often (i.e. in bathrooms).
  • It isn’t particularly sound absorbent.
  • Laminate isn’t as durable as wood, linoleum, and higher-quality vinyl, and because it hasn’t been around that long yet, we haven’t seen how well it stands up over the decades.