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October 21st


 A full-mirrored wall will optically expand and add glamour to a room. There are some some things to look out for, though. A mirror is there to reflect what is in front of it, so be careful what you reflect. A mirror on a dining-room wall might be wonderful, but not so if it reflects dirty dishes in the adjacent kitchen. A mirror in a hallway might open it up a bit, but not a nice view if placed across from a bathroom door.

Mirrors spread light in a room and add sparkle to dark corners. Cut up strips of mirror placed adjacent to each other give a festive effect to the room as objects dance off the mirrors in interesting ways akin to a kaleidoscope.

A collection of small mirrors can add great interest to a wall. They can be of several shapes and sizes and, if framed, the frames can carry a theme such as sun, moon and stars. All silver frames of various shapes or all wood frames of different sizes could be another unifying theme for framed mirrors on a wall.

A mirror on a mirror in a bathroom adds a feeling of creativity to the standard mirror-over-the-sink idea.


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