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October 21st

Small Spaces

Decorating a small space can be a real challenge. If you use the design tips below,  small spaces don’t have to be a liability when decorating your home. 
1. Use light colors on upholstery, walls and all major furniture pieces, including entertainment units.  Use a monochromatic color scheme so that the space appears to visually flow without being obstructed.
2. Use glass top tables or acrylics instead of solid woods. Since the glass is “see-thru� it will give the appearance of space.
3. Opt for furniture that “floats� it will create the illusion of more floor space. No toe kicks, no sofa skirts or blank space at foot. Look for furniture keep in mind that size does matter. Small spaces will feel cluttered and overwhelmed with standard size furniture. Look for apartment size sofas, tables and other furniture. This will make it so easy to decorate small spaces.  Remember to take along a tape measure because what looks small in the showroom may be way too large for their home.  Know in advance the size of the space you have to work with.

4. Floating wall shelves are attractive and do not take up precious floor space.
5. Keep the space well lit because darkness makes rooms appear smaller than they really are. Use mirrors to bounce light around small rooms. The mirrors also multi-task as they create the illusion of more space by visually enlarging the room.
6. Plan for multi-purpose furniture such as storage ottomans that serve as seating, storage and as a table top. By purchasing the multiple use ottoman you have essentially freed up the space it would take for a small table with storage capability.