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May 17th

Kitchen Countertop Ideas & Installation Tips

Butcher block makes a sensible top for an island where kitchen prep work occurs.

When you are remodeling your kitchen, a major component is your countertop selection. Not only do you want your kitchen countertops to be visually appealing, they need to be functional as well. So while your backsplash can be chosen simply for style, your countertop should also serve your family’s purposes in the kitchen.

For most people that means granite countertops. Granite is durable and requires little care so it works for most homes, and you can find beautiful slabs with dreamy coloring and finishes. But we are seeing a trend away from granite kitchen countertops into other materials, such as quartz, soapstone, butcher block and even marble. All of these have their plusses and minuses, so be sure to discuss your needs with your kitchen remodeler (who is hopefully us!) to find the right option for you. And don’t be afraid to mix and match counter types — marble for the baking station and butcher block for the chopping area, for example, make sense and are an eye-catching duo.

You can use more than one color of countertop in your kitchen.

Another consideration for your kitchen countertop is the edge detail. Again, talk with your designer to decide what’s best — most countertop fabricators will offer you at least eight from which to choose. For example, a rough edge on granite has a raw, organic feel about it that offers a different view of the granite’s colors and movement. Meanwhile, a bullnose (rounded) edge is classic, and a bevel provides a custom, modern look.

Most countertop installers use a three-step process. First they measure your space and create templates for the counter areas. Then you visit their showroom to select your counter material and edge. And finally they install the new countertops — with proper measurement, they will fit like a glove.

This diagram shows just some of the edges you might choose for your countertops.

Clients often ask us the best way to care for their new countertops. Stone such as granite is best maintained with a small amount of mild dishwashing liquid and warm water. Too much soap will leave a film and cause streaks. Depending on usage, you should reseal the stone every one to two years. But for more detail, our friends at Excel Stone and Tile Care have compiled a helpful how-to on caring for stone and tile — click here for the guide. If you want assistance with caring for your stone or tile, we highly recommend them.

Speaking of our friends, we also want to give a shout out to EHI Granite, Tutto Marmo and Brazilian Exotic Granite. We are fortunate to have such great supplier partners to serve our clients! But while we entrust our clients to our preferred vendors, we’ve also seen how critical it can be to have a designer involved. So if we can assist you in remodeling your kitchen or even just refreshing your countertops, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.