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May 24th

Meet Cammy, Our Original Artist!

I’d like to tell you about Cammy Stenavich. If you’ve looked at pictures of our work, you’ve probably noticed we like to include murals and different kinds of painted accents in our designs. Cammy is the San Diego mural artist who creates those!

Originally from South Africa, Cammy has a background in graphic design and advertising. But when she had her two kids, she decided to leave the business world and focus on raising them. Still, she needed a creative outlet, so she painted murals in her children’s bedrooms. As visitors saw the murals, they asked for similar art in their homes. Soon Cammy had a thriving business painting beautiful art in homes all over San Diego.

One of the many things we love about Cammy is that she is budget conscious. She charges by the job, not by the hour, but she is very fast and efficient. Many of her murals take her just two to three days to complete.

Cammy’s process begins with a discussion with the client. If the mural is for a child’s bedroom, she asks the child about favorite colors and other likes and dislikes. (In fact, she’s found that young kids who are having trouble sleeping in their own bed will suddenly take ownership of their bedroom and want to sleep there when the room becomes “theirs” through her art!) After this stage, she presents the client a color sketch of what to expect. Once that is approved, she begins the project, which could be as simple as a ribbon of flowers over a cradle to a complete Tuscan scene in a dining room. She also does faux finishes to add decorative character to a room.

In addition to being attractive to the eye, Cammy’s murals can create space. A trompe l’oeil — such as a stone arch that makes you feel you are seeing into the distance — makes a room feel larger. She also recommends a mirror across from her murals so they can be seen from different angles.

Cammy’s newest venture is Just Name It on Canvas, where she creates custom canvases for clients who desire personalized artwork but don’t want to commit to painting a wall, perhaps because they are renting or aren’t in their forever home. You can simply hang the artwork and then take it with you when you move on.

Cammy takes a lot of pride in her work, and we take a lot of pride in her! If you would like to know more about one of her murals or original painted artwork in your home, please contact us for a complimentary consultation with her.