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June 17th

Paint Tips

The sheen or the gloss level of the paint you choose for your room decor has quite an impact on the look of your room. It can be determined according to the function of the room and the aesthetic sense. There are many different types of paint sheens available to choose from. You should take into consideration how the room will be used when making a decision — especially if the room is to be used primarily by children.

Paints with flat or matte finish have no shine and thus hide little imperfections in the wall. However, they are not very stain-resistant and can be hard to keep clean. Below is a list of different types of paints that are available. View our project paints, here.

  • Eggshell paints or velvet-finish paints have very slight sheen or gloss level, are soft and impart a warm look to the room and are easier to clean too. They are preferable for most bedroom and living room décor themes.
  • Paints with satin or semi-gloss finish can be used to highlight architectural details and focal points of the home and also in kitchens and baths as they are easy to clean.
  • Very high gloss or sheen paint are quite reflective and should be normally reserved for doors and trims and to create special effects.