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September 22nd

Painting Finishes and Techniques

If you are tired of the color on your walls and need a way to spruce them up, then try adding texture. There are countless ways to add texture and interest to your walls:

Color Washing is a popular technique to create a casual appearance with a very translucent texture.

A Crackle finish is great if you are trying to create an aged or antique look. Try this on the bottom half of a wall with trim separating the top and bottom. It will give it a finished look.

Combing is a fancy way to create the look of silk on your walls. You can create any pattern with this technique such as, stripes, checkers or swirls.

 A Suede finish is very popular these days. It is a great finish to use in a room that you want to feel cozy and comfortable. Try this in a bright color to give a totally different feel than the typical tan color.

If you want to create an intimate atmosphere in your space then Ragging is the perfect option. It gives the feeling on fabric on your walls and goes perfect with candlelight.

If you are more into the natural look then give Sponging a try. You can create patterns that mimic leaves or any other natural material. This technique gives your walls depth with a very interesting texture.

Metallic paint can be beautiful but bold. Choose wisely when using this technique as you do not want to over-do it. This type of paint is best used to spotlight architectural features throughout your home. It can be elegant and classic or when used in a bigger scale can be very contemporary.

Murals can be a very interesting way to make a change in your space. There are endless ideas for murals. Murals are not just for children’s rooms these days. It is very popular to have a mural painted over your bed or in your dining room or entry.

Make sure you test out the technique before you paint a whole wall because it may look different than you imagine it in your head. At Style on a Shoestring we love to give advice to clients about which technique works best in their space. We offer paint consultations to help you make the right decision. We also offer referrals for great mural artists, painters and more if you are interested.