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April 10th

Patio design tips

  Now that Winter is behind us, you can starting adding a little color to your outdoor patio. By adding some flowers and potted plants you can change the overall look of  your patio and make it appear to be an extension of your home.

1. When selecting what flowers to place in what area you should  consider the lighting in the patio. Study where the sunlight hits in the morning, at noontime, and at four o’clock in the afternoon. This can give you an idea of how to evenly spread plants and flowers so that at all times of day there is something blooming in your patio.

2. You want to select a focal point in the patio landscape design just like you would if you were doing the inside of your home. Focal points can be just about anything you choose, like colorful plants, birdbaths or fountains. The focal point you choose will serve as your patio highlight. These are usually placed in the corner of a garden, or if you have a round garden, right in the center.

3. Choose a theme to plan your patio landscape design on. You may want to choose a complimentary motif with your existing patio. The theme you choose will be the basis of all the planning of your patio. In selecting a theme, you should consider the following factors:

a. The style of your own home. Since the patio is an extension of your home, choose a patio landscape design that is complimentary so that the colors and materials you choose will bring about harmony in design.

b. Keep the patio theme the same as the overall feel of your . For example, choosing a Mediterranean style, or Desert landscape.

4. Planning your landscape around curvy and round shapes add grace to the whole landscape. You can soften up sharp edges with plants, flower beds, and focal points.

Keep in mind that some plants are poisonous and can be dangerous to children and animals. Be sure to read the label or ask a gardening professional before you make your plant purchases.