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March 13th

Rustic Decor

If you  love the look of rustic furnishings, here are some tips on adding it to your own home.

  • Since rustic furniture is extremely textural,  you should add it in small amounts. An entire roomful may be too much to take in, while a few pieces allow each item to stand out. You can add some bent willow chairs around an old oak table, or include a few pieces in a fireplace grouping. Remember, when going for the rustic look; less is more. You don’t want to clutter the room.
  • Warm up rustic seating pieces with cushions and pillows. These will soften the chairs visually and provide an additional level of comfort. Fabric will also serve as a unifying element to tie in a rustic piece with other items already in the room.
  • Consider using rustic accent pieces such as tables, mirrors, coat trees, or other accessories in guestrooms and bathrooms. These smaller spaces can be theme-decorated in a rustic style around a few interesting items, without committing yourself to an entire houseful.
  • Rustic is great for outdoor spaces as well. Arbors, benches, trellis pieces, and chairs, look terrific surrounded by plants and gardens.