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October 26th

Playroom Design Ideas: Play Up Fun & Comfort for Kids

A whimsical yet comfy chair entices kids to read books in this former basement turned playroom.

What could be more fun than designing a playroom for kids, right? Designing kids’ spaces is always enjoyable, but it is also a lot of responsibility — I not only want to make sure the room is conducive for play, but safe as well. I recently transformed a family’s media room into a playroom for their toddlers and was reminded of all the special details that go into a project such as this.

The first thing I did when designing the playroom was wall-mount the TV to eliminate it as an obstacle during playtime. Since the playroom flooring was a beautiful but hard and cold travertine, I laid rubber tile floor mats over it as a cushion. I also used FLOR carpet squares, which come in a wide range of colors and patterns. The advantage of these in a playroom is the tiles can be individually replaced, so if one is stained you don’t have to replace the entire carpet, just that tile.

Install a simple stage like this in your child’s playroom or bedroom to encourage imaginative play.

Next I designed a custom built-in with two levels. The top section is a fort with a ladder to climb into it and a slide descending from it. The lower portion has storage for art supplies and a chalkboard. Our cabinet maker constructed this for me for the playroom, and it’s adorable.

Can’t build a treehouse outside? Then add one to your playroom – ladder and all!

I wanted to create a quiet area for the kid’s playroom so I found a cute bookshelf shaped like a tree. Cozied next to it is a loveseat with an ottoman to encourage the kids to relax with a book. Creating “stations” like that — whether for reading, game playing or art projects — breaks up the playroom room and also allows children choices in what they want to do.

Another easy and cute addition to a playroom is a stage. All it takes is a six-inch platform with some curtains tied to the wall on either side. Kids can use this for puppet shows, dancing, singing or performances. There is something about a stage that brings out the star in all of us!

One of my favorite toy room surprises is a wall of LEGO boards! Did you know you can install flat, LEGO-friendly squares to a wall from floor to ceiling? Kids can then attach LEGO blocks in a 3D display with all kinds of interesting shapes and sizes. I’ve seen adults get just as involved in this too — it’s addictive!

Of course you want everything in a playroom to be durable, so in addition to the special flooring, we also used washable wall paint and we covered the sofa and pillows in resilient fabric. But because we used engaging patterns and colors, the overall effect is charming and, well, playful. (Plus all moms love this: the door can be closed when the room isn’t in use, hiding all the toys and clutter in one space!)

Bright LEGO walls lure kids – and adults – to build!

Would you like for us to design a playroom for your children or grandchildren in San Diego? Or perhaps you have another part of your home that could use some attention. Please contact us for custom interior design services or a complimentary consultation.