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October 31st

Our Interior Design Process – And Why It Works!

Once we chose the rich woods and leathers for this bedroom, a neutral wall color was the obvious finishing touch.

We are in the middle of several major design and remodeling projects right now, which is typical for the months after kids go back to school but before the holidays arrive. Each of these projects allows us to use an interior design process we’ve developed to provide the best results for our clients. Here is a little bit about that strategy and why we do it.

In my opinion, a beautiful design is a progression that brings everything together. Maybe that’s why most people are stunned by the order in which we do this – which is not to start with paint. I know it seems like the wall color should receive first priority, but it’s the furniture that earns that honor. Why? Because there are only so many sofas, chairs and tables available but there are zillions of paint colors. Even with custom furniture, the number of looks is still limited.

The next step is fabric – upholstery, draperies, and/or bedding. There are more choices in fabrics than furniture, but still fewer than paint. In a family room, for example, we might go with a neutral sofa and then cover the side chairs in a fun fabric that is more affordable when used on smaller pieces.

And then finally, we get to the paint. It might be the third meeting with clients before we get to this stage, but if this order is followed we always get the best outcome. Clearly this requires patience, which isn’t easy during a remodel or redecorating project. But it pays off.

Once everything is selected and on order, we reverse the process. The room is painted, and then we bring in the furniture.

Dove gray walls perfectly complement the blue tones in this family room.

Accessories are another important aspect of the design process. Since we usually “shop” for these items locally, we save this part for while the furniture is on order. Then we head out to our favorite boutiques and specialty shops to find art, rugs, lamps, pillows, and other additions that really finish a room. In fact, we over-shop to give our clients options about what they like best, and then return what doesn’t work.

Are you shocked that we pick paint last? Probably. But as you can see, starting with the less plentiful pieces and moving toward the more abundant is the right order to lead to an optimal conclusion — and a gorgeous new space!

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