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February 27th

Quick Tips for Organizing & Decluttering Your Bathroom

Is your bathroom a mess? Tracy Lynn Studio can help!

Since the bathroom is often the smallest room in your home, it has a tendency to build up clutter. But we all know how luxurious it is to get ready in a stylish, organized bathroom – so here are a few tips for organizing and decluttering your bathroom.

• It’s easy to allow a lot of product to collect in a bathroom – do a thorough inventory and get rid of what you aren’t using.

• The vanity tends to suffer chaos most. Inexpensive cutlery trays can help you arrange smaller odd and ends, while larger items can be placed in roll-out drawer units (look for these at The Container Store or Bed, Bath and Beyond) so you don’t lose things behind the water pipes. If you have space at the top of your vanity, add a tilt-out drawer to transform it into a handy place to stash toothpaste and other high-use items. Some vanities also have drawers at the base where the toe-kick typically is.

This homeowner’s love for vintage comes through in bins that also organize this small bathroom.

• Have an electrician install an outlet in the back of the vanity drawer that holds your hair dryer, which allows you to keep it plugged in and put away. If you don’t have a drawer for your dryer, install a mount on the back of your vanity door (looks like a holster) to easily store it.

These sliding shelves make organization and everyday use a breeze.

• Look for a medicine cabinet that has electrical outlets in it so you can tuck away electric toothbrushes and shavers rather than leaving them on the counter.

• If you have space, add shelves above the toilet with accessories and a basket or ceramic pot to hide extra toilet paper.

• If you have limited space in your family bathroom, provide a caddy for each child or teen that can be kept in an adjacent closet for easy retrieval. That way they learn to manage their own personal care items rather than allowing their belongings to create a mess.

• Sometimes even large bathrooms have storage problems. If you have room for furniture, consider a beautiful armoire that has closed storage on the bottom. The top can be decorated with colorful bowls of soap and rolled towels.

A flip-out like this is can hold soap, toothpaste or even cosmetics.

The more appealing your bathroom is, the more you will want to keep it that way. If we can assist you in achieving a better bath – or with any of your design needs – please contact our interior designers for a complimentary consultation.