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March 6th

To Do or Not to Do: Home Retail Stores

These custom-made chairs are not only gorgeous and comfortable, they will last for years due to their sound construction and fabric.

We pride ourselves at Tracy Lynn Studio with creating beautiful spaces for you that meet your budget – large or small. But that doesn’t mean we will sacrifice quality for cost, because that is ultimately not a good use of your time and money.

For example, clients with a limited budget often ask if we can buy furniture at IKEA, Pier One or World Market to take some heat off the bottom line. While that strategy works occasionally, I always try to guide clients away from that option. Entry-level furniture like you will find at those home furnishing stores are always at a great price, of course, but after a year it’s likely to be worn and non-functional. So even though you might save money at the outset, you will have to re-purchase those key items with additional out-of-pocket expense.

Instead, we use our wholesalers who offer excellent ready-made furniture. We also turn to our manufacturers who custom-make items for us that will literally last a lifetime. So while a custom sofa might cost double or triple what you can pick up at Crate and Barrel, its usefulness will surpass several rounds of Pottery Barn or West Elm sofas.

Accessories from stores such as Pier One (pictured) allow us to meet your budget and aesthetic needs.

That said, we love shopping these stores for accessories and filler pieces. Knick-knacks, dishware, glassware, bathroom accessories, candles and the like are all great finds at Pier One-type stores. When we spend more on the big-ticket furniture items, we can then save money on these smaller extras that give your home character but don’t require durability.

Working within a client’s budget can be a challenge. As an interior designer, I always want to be sensitive to clients’ needs, but I also want to educate them on the best way to achieve their design goals. Sometimes that means waiting a bit to build up a larger fund for the project. But what I usually find is that once clients understand what their investment provides, they are willing to pay a little extra to do it the right way.

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