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May 30th

Secure Your Family and Your Home

Home automation allows you to view your security cameras on your smartphone or tablet.

At Tracy Lynn Studio, we want your home to be beautiful but we also want it to be secure. So we asked Severyn Graefling, a San Diego security consultant with ADT Custom Home Services, to share some thoughts with us:

Hello and thank you for allowing me to tell your blog readers about the importance of protecting their families and belongings. I actually began my career in the construction and design business back in New Jersey, where I remodeled bathrooms and kitchens. So I understand not only why a security system is crucial to your well being, but also how to integrate it into your home’s design so it is functional without being intrusive.

Window sensors reduce glass break-ins and provide an extra measure of security.

There are two reasons to get a security system. Primarily you want to protect your life and the lives of those who share your home, so securing your home while you sleep is imperative. But secondarily, you also want to guard your assets when you aren’t at home. Plus, a security system decreases your insurance rates!

The best time to get a security system is when you are building or remodeling your home — after the framing is complete but the walls have not been filled in. If you are buying a new home, have the system installed as soon as you have your keys and before you move in since burglars often watch unoccupied homes. Or if you are already living in your home, of course we can still install a terrific system for you too.

Two types of security systems exist: the one-component system that you see advertised for around $99, and the three-component system that starts at about $200. The one-component system is not adequate for most situations because it allows the burglar to destroy the system before the alarm delay, whereas the three-component system is nearly impossible to destroy since the keypad, computer and siren are in three separate places.

Home automation is our most popular service. With this system you have remote access to your home. So if you want to turn on the air conditioning or perhaps flip on some lights before you arrive home, you can do that from your smartphone. Even better, you can install a keypad that recognizes groups of automations. For example, if you have a teenager arriving to an empty house after school, you can eliminate the need for a key and set the system so his or her code triggers interior temperature, lighting or anything else you connect. You can even access your home’s security cameras from your smartphone!

Outdoor cameras allow you to have property-wide surveillance.

I have a variety of systems from basic to complete access coverage, ranging from $200 to $30,000 depending on the size of your home and how much security you want. After you pay for the system, your only obligation is a monthly monitoring fee that starts at under $30 per month.

If I can assist you with a security system or answer any questions, please call me at 619-818-0171 or email me at Thank you, Tracy, for allowing me to share this information with you!