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May 29th

Summer Flowers

Summer is a busy time for the gardener and flower arranger. There are so many blooms out there that are just ripe for the picking and are easy to arrange. Flowers reflect the freshness and warmth of summer and it always nice to have a flower arrangement in the home. Certain flowers only bloom in the summer and it is best to feature them in your summer flower arrangements.

Here is a list of summer flowers that you can use for your flower arrangements:

Sunflower – Representing the brightness of the summer season, sunflowers are considered the primary summer flowers. These big, eye-catching, and vibrant flowers only bloom completely during the summer. They are great for big and elaborate arrangements.

Aster – Aster attracts bright and colorful butterflies in the summer. These flowers come in beautiful shades of white, pink, blue, and purple. According to flower myths and traditions, aster signifies patience, variety, and delicacy.

Sweet Pea – You can add sweet pea to your flower arrangement to give it a nice, sweet scent.

Daisy – This summer flower denotes innocence, gentleness and purity. Sometimes called “the marker of summer”, the daisy is also called the “day’s eye” because it opens up and closes along with the sun. For a simple flower arrangement, simply get an empty milk bottle, fill it with water and put in a handful of these pretty blooms.

Lily – The sensitizing effect of lilies will never fail to lighten your mood or bring a smile to your face so add them in your flower arrangement.

Snapdragons – Snapdragons make beautiful cut flowers. They are great hung from a basket or kept in a tall, slim vase.

Make the best of summer by filling the spaces in your house, garden, and office with these summer blooms. They will not only beautify your room, they can lighten up your mood as well.