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March 13th

Traditional Decor

 Traditional home design is both elegant and warm. Below are a few tips to help you reach the traditional style you’re looking for.

Choose Colors Wisely: Softer colors impart a more contemporary, relaxed approach to original traditional style. If you prefer a more formal traditional palette, select jewel tone colors with gold and silver accents.

Pair Old with New: Antiques and antique reproductions can be used together successfully and are key to achieving the best possible traditional look. You don’t have to break the bank on every item you purchase to achieve this look.

Mix and Match Fabrics and Textures: When selecting upholstery, accent and drapery fabrics, choose those that work well together, but do not necessarily match. Keep in mind that upholstery fabrics should be able to withstand years of wear. Accessorize, but Avoid Clutter: Today’s most successful and elegant traditional interiors, keep accessories to a minimum. The accessories are to be eye-cathching but you do not  want them to overwhelm the entire room.

Try an Eclectic Take on Traditional: Every piece of furniture in a room does not have to suit a classic traditional vein. It is common today to find a fantastic traditional interior where something from a different genre — even contemporary art — is successfully utilized.

For the bedroom, Collector’s Cherry provides consumers with maximum versatility with several bed, chest and dresser options. In addition to a stately four-poster bed is a sleek sleigh bed accentuated with a high back to accommodate today’s thicker pillow-top mattresses.

Dining options include an oval and a handsome rectangular double-pedestal table. In addition to the classic sideboard, the group can include a mobile server with foldout top for convenience and extra serving space. The new identity of traditional is sometimes different, but is still of fine woodworking, craftsmanship and graceful lines. Collector’s Cherry is just one of the many familiar styles that is now being used.  In this new, more relaxed mode of traditional decorating, fabric color and texture may seem less formal, but are no less elegant. At the same time, wood furniture and finishes are being mixed and matched less strictly. Old and new are paired side-by-side for a finished traditional look.Courtesy of ARA Content