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November 14th

San Diego Kitchen Remodeling: Kitschy Kitchens

Some new clients recently asked us to “think outside the box” for their San Diego kitchen remodeling.

“We don’t want the same kitchen everyone else has,” they said.

Every one of the kitchen remodel designs we do at Tracy Lynn Studio are personalized, but these clients weren’t just looking for a distinctive granite countertop or an imported Italian marble backsplash. They wanted color — and a little bit of crazy fun thrown in. We are still working out the details, but there is no doubt that this will be the most unique kitchen we’ve ever done at Tracy Lynn.

We’ve had so much fun on that project that we thought we’d bring you into the party. Here are some wild and wonderful kitchen remodel ideas that just might inspire you to think outside the box too. (Note: We are not necessarily endorsing all of these looks!)

Let’s start on the calm side. Metal countertops have been around for years in restaurants because metal is the only counter material that can handle bleach. That makes them great for home kitchens too, especially when you can get them crafted like this one.

metal counter

But metal isn’t just for countertops these days. Backsplashes are also getting in on the action.

metallic backsplash

As are floors. Metallic epoxies have actual metallic flakes in them and offer terrific durability and beauty. They are quite artistic when color is added!

metallic floor

Glass is another popular material starting to appear more often in kitchens. It’s non-porous, highly scratch resistant, heat resistant, easy to clean and very hygienic.

glass counter

Lights beneath the glass can give a traditional kitchen a changed, dramatic look.

uplit counter

Glass backsplashes continue their success, but the designs are getting more intense, such as this dot mixture.

dots backsplash

Or this busy blue melange.

blue backsplash

If it’s color you want, look no further than your kids’ Legos. Check out this creative island covered in the tiny plastic blocks.

Lego island

But if it’s color you REALLY want, how about a popping fuschia counter?

fuschia counter

Or maybe take it up a notch to an entire lavender kitchen?


Retro calls for teal.


Red is a go-to for contemporary kitchens, but you can make it work in a traditional kitchen too (maybe?).


Or if it needs to be really bright — why not a little chartreuse?


Perhaps that’s too much color saturation. So let’s get pretty in pink. (We will let you decide if “pretty” is the right description or not!)


And then there is no color. This kitchen looks like it could easily be converted into a nightclub!


And then there are kitchens that are so personal, and so surprising, that they are hard to describe. Like this curvy wonder.


Or this over-the-top rustic.


And we will let you label this one.


Want to jazz up your kitchen? Don’t worry, we won’t force orange and pink on you! But we will help you find the kitchen remodeling design that best fits your preferences. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation on our interior design San Diego kitchen remodeling services.