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November 1st

Make Your Room Pop

If you follow our work at Style on a Shoestring, you’ve probably noticed we lean toward neutral designs with “pops” of color. Why? A couple of reasons. One, the main neutral palette provides flexibility over time as the client’s tastes or styles change. But two, and this is what we especially love, is because a pop of color makes a bold statement. When a room is mostly neutral, a sudden shot of color draws the eye without being overwhelming. Think about a gray room with a few bright-yellow accents — where would your eye go?

Here are some examples of pops of color from our recent work. You can easily incorporate this color strategy into your home too!

This teal sofa is the centerpiece of an otherwise neutral room. It captures pretty much all of the room’s color, yet rather than being a gaudy room saturated in teal, this one large piece provides the colorful focal point.


Isn’t this blue ottoman fantastic? Again, rather than screaming color, this room is balanced with neutrals, the beautiful blue ottoman and a few colorful accessories.


Color doesn’t always have to come through upholstery. This kitchen’s lime green accents are subtle but pleasing to the eye. And if these clients decide they want to move to a new accent color, they just need to replace a few inexpensive items.


If your home is neutral and you don’t want to make much investment in color, just add a few throw pillows. You’ll be surprised at what a change it makes, like the blue and patterns on the pillows below. Plus you can just re-cover them when you want something different.


We’d love to show you how to add pops of color to your home with our favorite project paints. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation.