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November 25th

Make Your Walls Talk Using Wood & Stone Interior Design

We are always looking for ways to think outside the box and bring visual interest to your home, whether it’s through creative use of accessories, furniture or wall treatments. For walls, we can always turn to the zillions of paint colors and wallpaper patterns available, but another option has recently become really popular too: adding actual wood planking or stone to walls.

You’ve probably seen this look in lofts and other spaces but you don’t have to have existing wood walls or stone walls to offer that same character, texture and dimension to your walls. Our skilled craftsmen can add it for you!

For example, wood planking painted white gives this room a cottage or beach feel that cannot be fully achieved with paint. A regular flat ceiling painted in that muted blue wouldn’t be nearly as cozy as this planked ceiling is.


Wood planking works well as an accent — either on one wall or only on the ceiling as shown in the dining room below. The walls are a traditional neutral while the ceiling gives the room a less formal feel reminiscent of a Napa Valley winery or restaurant.

wood ceiling

Combining wood with other materials offers a lot of visual appeal without causing your home to turn into a “cabin.” This modern kitchen allows the wood to serve as a focal point in the island but still feels clean and fresh.

Reclaimed wood

Similarly, look how we combined metal and wood for this client’s backsplash over her wet bar.


Another version of wood planking is shingles. This interior design treatment obviously brings a lot of texture to your room but it should be used sparingly — perhaps just one wall or with very minimal accessories.


Stone can also be applied to walls much like tile. But unlike tile, stone walls draws warmth to a room. Think how different the dining room below would look if the stone wall interior were just another painted wall.


Stone might seem like it would be a cold feature — yet this bright and friendly bedroom again shows how painted stone walls can become an important and unexpected custom accent.


Stone’s versatility allows it to reach beyond traditional interior design styles. Look at how this brick wall — yes, faux brick can be installed to look as if it’s “always” been there — blends easily with the living room’s contemporary furniture and accessories.


We would love to show you how a wood or stone interior design accent wall can enhance your home’s décor. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation. And don’t forget: We are available for holiday decorating at your home or office!

In this season of thanks, we are thankful for you! Happy Thanksgiving!