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January 6th

Interior Design New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make

Providing a warm, inviting environment for your guests will encourage you to entertain more if that is your 2013 goal.

Happy New Year from all of us at Tracy Lynn Studio!

So as you think about your aspirations for 2013, where does your home fit in to those plans? It might seem odd to think about New Year’s resolutions in terms of where you live, but I’ve witnessed again and again how remodeling or just refurbishing a space can lead to deep satisfaction for our clients in how they are better able to achieve their goals in life.

For example, each January most of us vow to exercise more, eat less, and overall adopt a healthier lifestyle (especially after a holiday full of cookies, cakes and egg nog!). But is your home going to contribute to or detract from that aspiration? If exercise is your focus, you will need a dedicated area for equipment and floor work. Or if you want to cook more and eat out less, you will need an organized and functional kitchen.

If you think you have no more room for storage in your home, check out this clever solution (closed on left, open on right). Wasted space = tons of storage!

Speaking of getting organized, many of us could use less “stuff” in our lives. Whether it’s your office, the kids’ playroom, or your garage, creating a place for everything – and getting rid of those items you truly don’t use – will give your life more stability. The easier it is to find what you need to complete your daily tasks, the more time you will have for fun and relaxation.

If you have a smaller home, multi-use space is crucial. We can show you how to get the most from your square footage.

Not all New Year’s resolutions are about personal improvement – what if you simply want to entertain more? Think about what has been in the way of hosting people at your home in the past. The answer could be as easy as rearranging furniture, or reupholstering it for a fresh look. You might need a new dining table that accommodates more guests, or a little help with selecting the right dishware and flatware could be the solution.

Whatever your ambitions this year, we are here to help. A client just mentioned to me the other day that she convinced her husband to invest in our services because she was actually spending more money trying to decorate their home on her own by buying things that didn’t work and then forgetting to return them – a big waste of her money, time, and energy. Even just a few hours of design consultation can make a big difference not only in how your home looks but also in your stress level.

Whether you need a few hours, a few weeks, or even a few months of our time, we are here to help. Please contact us for a complimentary consultation.