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Welcome to the Tracy Lynn Studio Journal! Thank you for visiting our interior design blog. Please enjoy our journal entries and get a behind the scenes look at our projects. Discover the latest trends and find out more about interior design. Be Inspired!

June 30th

Baby Nursery Interior Design – Two New Feet

Our designer Shannon Weller added a few feet to her home — two precious baby feet! Grant Michael Weller was born to Shannon and husband Brian on March 17. This sweet bundle weighed almost 9 pounds and was 19.5 inches long. We wanted to share Shannon and Brian’s joy with you so we’ve posted below…

April 30th

Bathrooms Awash in Light

We don’t always do complete remodels — sometimes we go into a home because a client asks us to make little changes to update décor or make the home more functional. One of the things I often notice when I do this is lack of adequate bathroom lighting design. Most bathrooms have an overhead light…

April 23rd

A Tale of Tiles

The technique known as wainscoting — paneling the lower half of a wall — is a lovely way to add texture, warmth and visual interest to a room. It’s often seen in dining rooms, libraries and other living areas in a home. We apply that same theory to bathrooms, but instead of wood, which can…

April 16th

Dreamy Beds for Sweet Sleep

It’s not unusual to walk into a home store and find people drooling over the luscious beds on display. Those beds always look like you could just crawl in and enjoy a comfy, cozy nap. We like to create that same environment for our clients’ bedrooms. Here are a few tips on how to achieve…

April 9th

Hanging Out with Chandeliers

I was reminded recently when we installed a $30,000 chandelier for a client how much I enjoy that design element. Yes, a chandelier at that price point is way beyond what we normally suggest for clients, but even an inexpensive chandelier has many of the same qualities as this luxury version. The best part about…

April 2nd

Lights, Camera … Action!

It’s not enough to have a television in your family room these days! More and more we are being asked to create a home theater in a room especially for that purpose. And why not? It’s a fun way to relax with television shows, movies, gaming or even big-screen Internet use. Any room can work…

March 26th

One-of-a-Kind Furniture? It’s Our Custom!

Have you ever seen a piece of furniture — perhaps in a magazine or a model home — that you absolutely loved…until you read the price tag? Us too! As designers, we are always coming across beautiful items we want to use in our clients’ décor but they don’t work with the budget. Or even…

January 25th

“Oops!” How to Avoid Design Mistakes

Most of the time our clients call us before they begin their remodel or décor work. But other times, we are called in to correct a project that didn’t quite turn out the way the client expected. I was reminded of this when I visited a client recently who had used a local firm that…

December 27th

Before & After Kitchen: Tap the Refresh Button

We’ve been doing some amazing remodels over the last several months — including one we finished up just in time for the holidays. But we also realize not everyone wants or needs a full-scale remodel. Sometimes just a little “freshening” is all that’s necessary to give your home a new feel. For example, we recently gave…

December 16th

Baby, Baby! Designing for Multiples

It might be the holiday season but that doesn’t mean we aren’t doing our regular design work. And lately that work has been full of baby nurseries! We’ve talked before about how we approach nursery design — but what we didn’t discuss is what happens when that nursery is welcoming two or more bundles of joy….